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HSAS Gear For Sale

Stop by the membership table at Iowa artifact shows to purchase Hawkeye State gear. T-shirts are available in many sizes and colors- $12 each, Hats- $10 each, Pens- $1 each and Patches- $1 each.

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Artifact Show Schedule

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Fluted Point Survey Website

Tom Loebel

Thomas Loebel, PhD has launched a fluted point survey website. You can visit his site through this link: Illinois and Wisconsin Fluted Point Survey

A link image will be located on the Newsletter links sidebar for the duration of the project.

Note: You may also be able to connect with Tom at various artifact shows. Please check with him to verify his attendance.

As collectors, you may be able to contribute valuable data for Tom's study.

The information gathered during this survey is an attempt to synthesize information that is rare and dispersed across many different collections. It is important to gather this information together in order to get the bigger picture of how humans were adapting to this region at the end of the ice age. This can only be accomplished through your cooperation and continued dedication to archaeology.

Possession of artifacts is not the question here. Recording the information and what they can tell us is.

Specific site locations will remain confidential. However, I do encourage that sites be reported to the state where they will be assigned a number and given at least minimal protection from possible future disturbances.

If you have any Fluted Points in your collection, broken or whole, or know of someone who does, please contact me.

Thomas Loebel, PhD



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