As remembered by Dale Roberts:

"March 3rd, 1968, at the Alton, Illinois show Byron Knoblock suggested to Jim Cox that the collectors in Iowa were Illinois members, and these members could be used to form an Iowa society. That summer, in July, a group of local collectors got together at Jim Cox's house in Cantril, to see if there was enough interest to make this society work.

Floyd Riley, Jr., Glenn Hummell, Ted Watson, Bob Mitchell, Dean Conger, Eugene Jones, Merle McDonald, James Conger and myself (Dale Roberts) attended the gathering. It was discussed, among other things, who could go to the November Central States board meeting which was to be held at the Kentucky Dam show at Gilbertsville, KY. Betty and I were selected to present the group's interest in forming a 7th society from Iowa.

We attended the show November 16th, 1968 and were assured by the CSAS board that we would be accepted as a new society, and this would be made official at their delegate meeting the following Memorial Day weekend at the Viking Motel at St. Louis. As of that meeting, we were confirmed to become the newest society in the Central States for the following year of 1970.

We were anxious to have a show and we were not disappointed! The crowd from St. Louis and the Illinois collectors and dealers vowed their support with, "You hold a show and we'll be there!" Our first show was held in the fall of 1969, a few months before we were officially designated a society of the Central States Archaeological Society.

The following are a few of the people who came to see our society off to a good start: Ben Thompson, Byron Knoblock, B.W. Stephens, Paul Sellers, Marion Knott, Chuck Adam, George Hoke, Floyd Ritter, Todd Boehmer, Bob Jenkins, Robert Dunn, and Harold Mohrman. There were over 40 tables full of relics and was one of the best shows Iowa has ever had.

The society purchased saw horses and borrowed planks for the tables from Pascal Lumber, located across Highway 2 from the show. We were very lucky he allowed this, as they were nailed to the saw horses and hence were sometimes a little worse for wear!

The guys being who they were, couldn't wait till 1970 and sponsored a fun show in 1969 at the Keosauqua School gymnasium, renting table from a Burlington, Iowa rental. A good time was had by all!"


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Fluted Point Survey Website
Tom Loebel

Thomas Loebel, PhD has launched a fluted point survey website. You can visit his site through this link: Illinois and Wisconsin Fluted Point Survey

A link image will be located on the Newsletter links sidebar for the duration of the project.

Note: You may also be able to connect with Tom at various artifact shows. Please check with him to verify his attendance.

As collectors, you may be able to contribute valuable data for Tom's study.

The information gathered during this survey is an attempt to synthesize information that is rare and dispersed across many different collections. It is important to gather this information together in order to get the bigger picture of how humans were adapting to this region at the end of the ice age. This can only be accomplished through your cooperation and continued dedication to archaeology.

Possession of artifacts is not the question here. Recording the information and what they can tell us is.

Specific site locations will remain confidential. However, I do encourage that sites be reported to the state where they will be assigned a number and given at least minimal protection from possible future disturbances.

If you have any Fluted Points in your collection, broken or whole, or know of someone who does, please contact me.

Thomas Loebel, PhD



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